Sonntag, 3. Mai 2015

Week 18 summary: I don't really know...

Ready for The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Such an amazing movie! I need to see it again. Can't wait for the other films to come out. // Right after that I had to read my Avengers book hehe... // The view this week from my halls. Isn't it nice...? // Well this might be the reason for my weird state of mind. I watched "The Theory of Everything" and even though I'm so massively in love with every bit of it, it has totally broken my heart. I tend to either show totally apathy for things or be very passionate about them. Well... I think I'm really overwhelmingly passionate about this movie. Incredible respect to everyone involved and especially Stephen and Jane Hawking for being so strong. This has to be said.

Diese Woche fing erfolgreich an und endete in in einem komischen Gefühl der Gleichgültigkeit. Seit Diesntag hatte ich keine Uni mehr, habe alles was ich mir vorgenommen habe zum größten Teil nicht gemacht, weil ich keine Lust mehr hatte. Ich weiß auch nicht so wirklich...
Manchmal hat man einfach solche Phasen sag ich mir, anderes kann ich mir es auch nicht erklären; da ist man dann einfach nachdenklich und ruhig. Vielleicht tut das dem Körper und der Psyche auch ganz gut in einer Stadt wie London. Aber wie ich in meinem letzten Post schon geschildert habe, wurde ich die Woche aus einer Routine gerissen und habe es nicht wieder geschafft reinzufinden. Trotzdem hatte ich tolle Momente, aber die komischen, nichtssagenden, etwas leeren Momente überwogen. Aber damit ein hoch wieder kommt, braucht man auch mal einen tieferen Punkt. So ist das wohl. :)

This week started out quite well and ended in a mess of thoughts and apathy. Since Tuesday uni has come to a abrupt stop for a week and we were advised to work from home. Usually I have no problem with this but somehow this time it affected me more. I didn't manage to fulfill any of the goals I'd set myself. Maybe that's contributed towards my weird state of mind? I don't really know...
Sometimes it's good to calmer, that's what I've been telling myself as an explanation to the situation. After all life in London can be stressful, then it might be a good idea to draw back and think for a bit. But the fact that I've been in this weird state for days hasn't allowed me to get out of it again. I did have some great moments this week, but the silent and a little frail ones overweighed. 
Sometimes we need a small storm to pass before the sun comes out again. That's the way it'll be. :)

Mom sent me a small care package from home :) // I did leave my room for a few hours this week. That included going out a little with this cheeky girl Molly! // Food all the way... When I'm bored, or just calm I tend to eat. Shrimp Katsu, yes please. // Inspo quote from "The Theory of Everything": "There should be no boundary to human endeavor. We are all different. However bad life my seem, there is always something you can do, and succeed at. While there is life, there is hope."

Song of the week: Arrival of the Birds (Ending scene music of "The Theory of Everything"). This song literally makes me loose my shit everytime... It's like a stab in the heart if you've watched the movie. That's why I can't listen to this in public or around other people. Don't want to start to cry haha...It's so beautiful though. To be honest I just started to cry again... Oh well! 

Ah und bevor ich es vergesse: Ich verkaufe auf Mädchenflohmarkt wieder! Schaut doch mal rein, vielleicht ist was dabei :)